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What gBox does?

gBox helps to run company effectively

Align business

Define strategic plan, assign clear ownership, set performance indicator.

Measure strategic plan

Measure qualitative and quantitative progress of strategic plan implementation.

Save time

Data analytics, Consolidation and reporting with ease.

Its very easy and effective. Create your first strategic plan now for rollout within your organization.

What is gBox?

Companies spend great effort in creating a strategic plan for success but struggle to communicate and align the organization with common goals. gBox is built to ensure strategic plans are tracked for execution.

Define strategic vision and plan:

It's important that leaders do not get lost in the operational issues. Having a vision and long-term plan would help to steer the company towards success. It's furthermore important that the strategic plan unambiguously address the outcome expected out of it quantitatively in each of the areas. The gBox enables leaders and department heads to define their long-term strategic plan, the strategies to be followed and clearly quantify the outcome expected.

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Communicate the plan:

Aligning every function in an organization in a common direction is essential for its success. It's important that the entire organization is glued with the outcome expected from each and a clear agreement is made. gBox facilitates departmental hierarchy and ability to delegate authority and agreements which ensure the performance outcomes are clearly stated.

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Report progress:

gBox facilitates reporting against performance indicators both qualitatively and quantitatively which act as a single source of truth for reference. Valuable data insights provide a better perspective for the future and current progress, against the agreed goals. It provides a platform to discuss the progress and agree on actions and review them subsequently. Outcome-based reporting helps to keep focused on the strategic measures defined.

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Building blocks:

Each block has the ability to accept KPI from other blocks and/or define its own strategic plan and then define its own KPI. Department can define its own strategy to each of the KPI and track them. The measures can also be shared with other department and reports can be sought. Department would have the ability to integrate reports and to report a step above.

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Powerful Dashboard:

The dashboard starts with a single performance indicator for its department with an assigned weight which can be drilled down both KPI and by the department. It also shows the progress over time and the accuracy of forecasting for its business insights. The powerful back end analytic engine ensures that the dashboard is constructed instantly.

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Create Data driven culture:

The system is built with a clear interface between departments which can be qualitatively measured. This ensures the organization is focused on the outcome and is aligned with the strategic plan defined for the organization. In the fast-paced global economy, companies must be operated by data to remain competitive. gBox is the perfect companion to achieve that.

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